School Application

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School Application Processing

1. Arrange an appointment with ETGSL Education staff.
Meeting with an experienced ETGSL counsellor or vendor will allow you to discuss your options and choose the right fit for you.
2. Apply for admissions
Once you have decided on your university choice, your counsellor will ask you to provide the necessary documents to apply for admissions.
Upon receiving the document and paying our Administration and Visa counselling fee (N50, 000.00), we will commence the application.
  3. Receive your offer letter
An offer letter will be issued by the university if you have met the criteria for admissions. ETGSL will keep in regular contact with you and with your institution of choice.
4. Accept your offer
Once you have decided to accept your offer, ETGSL staff can help you notify the institution and pay any required deposit in both a secure and timely manner.
5. Apply for your visa
Our counsellors are trained to give you expert advice on the visa process. They will guide you on preparing your file and check your documents before they are submitted.
Note: *In-complete documents will cause delays, and sometimes visa rejections*
6. Prepare for your overseas studies
Upon completion of your visa application, we understand the need for you to start making preparations for living abroad, including booking accommodation. ETGSL staff can assist you throughout and will hold pre-departure briefings for students.
7. Arriving into the Uinted Kingdom
In the United Kingdom, ETGSL Education has arrangement with employers which will employ you and enable you to start work as soon as you arrive.

Booking Appointment

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